Honey Lemon Slices (drink) Cooking Guide

Recipe guide how to make Honey Lemon Slices (drink) by Amy


  1. lemon

  2. honey


  1. Scrub lemon with some salt and rinse, then dry the peel of each lemon.

  2. Cut lemon into thin slices (discard the ends), and remove the seeds.

  3. Place lemon slices into a clean glass bottle (without any oil and water) until the bottle is full, and then pour enough honey to cover them.

  4. Refrigerate at least 2 days.

  5. You can have it with warm, cold or iced water, make your own lemon honey tea. you would feel amazing how great its taste if you put some fresh mint leaves in it while you drink it with iced water.

  6. Tips : the soaked slices of lemon not only can be used as lemon tea, they are also good to be added in your other teas or drinks, even cooking。

  7. Enjoy! ^_^

Recipe by Amy

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