Mike's Adult Cucumber Crisp Cooking Guide

Recipe guide how to make Mike's Adult Cucumber Crisp by MMOBRIEN


1 serving

  1. ● For The Drink

  2. 1 oz Chilled Pinnacle Cucumber Vodka

  3. 4 oz Chilled Lime Seltzer Water

  4. 1 tbsp Chilled Agave Nectar

  5. ● For The Garnishments

  6. as needed Sliced Cucumbers

  7. as needed Lime Wedges

  8. as needed Green Olives

  9. as needed Fresh Celery

  10. as needed Fresh Green Onion Sprigs


  1. Make, stir, rinse repeat!

  2. Serve over ice. Enjoy!

Recipe by MMOBRIEN

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