Jello drink Cooking Guide

Recipe guide how to make Jello drink by Misses Sajjad Memon


2 to 3 servings

  1. 2 glass chilled milk

  2. 2 tbsp tukhmalanga

  3. 1 packet jelly

  4. Red syrup as required


  1. Jelly ko packet par di gai instructions ke hissab sy cook krlein.

  2. Jab jelly set hojay to small cubes mea cut krlein.

  3. Thukhmalanga Pani mea soak krlein.

  4. Milk mea red syrup, soaked tukhmalanga,jelly cubes add kar ke mix krien.

  5. Serving glass mea nikal kar serve krien.

Recipe by Misses Sajjad Memon

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